The Concerts@Jewett Committee would welcome 1 to 2 new members. Volunteers should be aware that this is a pretty active committee. Responsibilities include attending  our monthly meetings as often as possible and volunteering when possible to help with ongoing details (distributing posters to area businesses, gathering pre-arrival info from performers by phone, etc.) and/or at the monthly concerts (set-up, ticket and CD sales, art gallery monitoring, etc.). This committee selects all the performers C@J uses, so meetings sometimes include talking with or listening to CDs by potential candidates for the following season. We do a lot of work, but it’s a great group and we also have a lot of fun! If you have questions about what’s involved, please contact Bev Ludden (Phone: (207) 621-3479; in the Senior College office.

Dining Club: The UMASC Dining Club had its  inaugural luncheon at Rebecca’s Restaurant in October of 2015. Since that time we have had a luncheon date approximately every month at a variety of locations around the state. We have grown to about 26 members but usually 12 to 16 do show up for each event. We have fun comparing these restaurants in a variety of ways such as food quality and presentation, cleanliness, service and ambiance.  We have reached the point where we could take in about five new members. If interested please submit your request by phone: (207) 621-3479;  or email at the UMASC offices.