Granite Hill Lecture Series

The Granite Hill Lecture Series is a program of the UMA Senior College.  It is a regular course lasting for 8 weeks that is taught by 8 different instructors and is presented at Granite Hill Estates.  Each week the topic is different and topics are as varied as possible.  Classes will meet Tuesdays at 1:00 P.M.

Sep 12   Elizabeth Reinsborough    Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

 Sep 19   Jane Paxton                          Greek Gods & Some of Their Temples

 Sep 26   Mike Bell                               Big Foot: Yes, He’s out There

 Oct 3     Dan Mitchell                         Historic Preservation/Architecture of Our Modern Era                          

 Oct 10   Ann Sullivan                         Morocco: Land of the Setting Sun 

 Oct 17   Peter Rosenberg                 Composer of the Month      

 Oct 24   Bob Woodbury                    A Media Career in Radio, TV, Newspapers         

 Oct 31   Tom Feagin                          How to be a Patient

Address: 60 Balsam Dr, Hallowell, ME  04347
Please park in the upper guest parking lot.  Parking by the door is for residents only.