Members Have Their Say

Click on the link to read a letter from Judge John Benoit to our Chair, Tom Feagin

Wildflower Wednesdays: Even tho I could not finish the class due to a death in family, I loved the enthusiasm of the teacher as well as her knowledge. A very well run class.  Maybe next year for me… Sarah R.

Wildflower Wednesdays: Because of this class, wildflowers have turned from a mess of weeds into a blanket of well-loved, happily-anticipated friends.  Margorie M.

Wildflower Wednesdays: I never thought I would see plants like bloodroot growing in the wild, and having people around who shared my excitement made the experience really special.   Anonymous

Wildflower Wednesdays: The class gave me a new perspective on nature.  Taking walks makes me appreciate wildflowers.  Identifying (with Newcomb’s in my hand)  the different flowers is exciting.   I enjoyed the class.   Sanette S.

Wildflower Wednesdays: As a beginner in identifying wildflowers, I looked forward to the class. Ellen Blanchard’s lesson on using Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide was the most valuable tool for identifying wildflowers. Her enthusiasm for nature and wildflowers made the course meaningful and a pleasurable experience.  Laurette L.

I found the painting class to be informative, and helpful in getting my creative juices flowing.  Kathy B.

Art for You:  It was a fantastic, no pressure class exploring the techniques of acrylics and texture. Loved it!  Louise M.

Art for You: I am really enjoying the class; we have delved into a lot of different medias, and the variety in teaching has been great.  Alice C.

Maine’s Natural World: I attended Introduction to Maine’s Natural World and found it to be a fascinating and stimulating course.   Ray M.

Maine’s Natural World: This class was great fun. Any one of the sessions would make a great 8 week course in and of themselves. Good survey/intro course. I enjoyed this course. Well done.   Ann N.

Senior College: It’s interesting. It’s a great place to meet other folks. It’s even educational. It’s Senior College at UMA!  Gene M.

Senior College: I am exploring the relationship between neuroscience and meditation, traveling the world, and practicing how to maintain my balance — all in stimulating format and among pleasant company — how great is that? — and where else but at UMASC?  Anne R.

Senior College: I love Senior College at UMA — am delighted to have the opportunity to attend and will continue to look at course offerings for one or more to take.   Jan I.