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2020 UMASC Brown Bag Lecture Series

January & February  •  Tuesdays, Noon – 1:30 pm  •  Klahr Center, UMA

UMASC’s Brown Bag Series encourages people to attend weekly presentations in January and February at the UMA campus. The series begins the first week of January and runs for 8 weeks.

UMASC members and guests are invited to bring their lunch to each session at 12 noon on Tuesdays, to see and hear a different presentation each week. Lectures are held at the Michael Klahr Center which is connected to UMA’s Katz Library, and last for 60-90 minutes.


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An overview of issues over the past year in the El Paso area and along the border.

Steve and Molly talk of their experiences while volunteering on the border this past year, and the many
shifts in policy that have resulted in further difficulties for those seeking asylum here in the United States.
Who are these asylum seekers? How have they been treated by ICE and border Patrol agents? Where are
they now? Why do they continue to come here?

Presenters: Steve & Molly Saunders

The Flying Yankee was the first train to run on oil instead of steam. It was a passenger train that ran between Boston and Bangor from 1934 to 1957. Art will review the history of this train.

Presenter: Art Ray

For the success of a song, which is more important, the composer or the Librettist? I will present two librettists from the Golden Age of Broadway.

Presenter: Peter Rosenberg

This is the story of what has been called the most important ink in western history. Oak gall ink was used by medieval monks, as well as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Dickens and crafters of the Declaration of Independence. You will see the ingredients, share recipes and have a chance to write your name with quill and oak gall ink.

Presenter: Andrea Ostrofsky

A young seminarian from New Hampshire, Jonathan Daniels gave his life for another person at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s a moving story that needs to be remembered.

Presenter: Mike Bell

Heather Desjardins, Occup.Therapist and Liaison at Maine Gen. Home Care and Hospice will help students understand what the program is all about, including eligibility, services available and how to be referred.

Presenter: Heather Desjardins

The Amazon is one of the longest rivers in the world and by far the largest in volume. We will travel via islands in the Caribbean, cross the equator and then journey 1000 miles up the river, making 6 stops along the way, These include two indigenous communities and the Capital of Amazonia, Manaus with its magnificent theater in the heart of the rain forest.

Presenter: Elizabeth Reinsborough

The ancient Greek gods have little influence now, but they remain fascinating for many. Come to be introduced to some of the most famous and see the vestiges of their temples.

Presenter: Jane Paxton

Charging and trying civil officials for alleged "high crimes and misdemeanors" has been a long-standing political exercise.  We'll discuss the historic roots of "impeachment" and review the most recent episode involving President Donald J. Trump.  An open discussion will follow the brief introduction.

Presenter: Jerry Nault

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