Thank You for Your Interest in Teaching

UMA Senior College is dedicated to the concept of lifelong learning. Our classes and lectures are made possible by a committed “faculty of peers” who willingly donate their time and energy. We endeavor to create a curriculum that piques the interest of Senior College members and matches the standards of our sponsor, UMA. We enjoy school, and our goal is to ensure that you enjoy teaching here. To that end, our classroom preparation help now includes optional personalized Zoom training and practice sessions.


This form will help us understand the class/lecture you are proposing and how we can help make it a success.

For the Fall 2024 semester, which begins September 16, 2024, proposals are due July 8, 2024. Classes are usually taught Monday thru Friday, at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Note that Tuesday at 1 p.m. is reserved for the lecture series that is part of the semester. 

Please use the form below to send us, in addition to your contact info:  

  1. a course description (see links to examples below)
  2. a bio (if you have previously taught at UMASC, we will have this info on file)
  3. a photo (we can crop or edit if necessary), 
  4. any teaching dates or times that do not work for you
  5. any other comments or requests you have.

After you submit the form, someone from Senior College will contact you. You may also call 207-621-3551 or email with any questions.

Help us promote your course as you would like it presented.  To submit the information, you can either type in the box below or upload your files into the form as explained below. Uploading a file is also the best way to get us a bio photo. We can accept PDFs, JPEGs, DOCs, and many others.

For examples of the kind of information we want and how we publicize classes on our website, click the links below.  (This form will be here waiting for you as you look around.)

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