Thank You For Your Interest in Teaching

Our classes and extensive lecture programs (Brown Bag Lectures and Granite Hill Lectures) are made possible by a dedicated “faculty of peers”. Senior College is built on this foundation of instructors who know and love a subject, skill, art, or craft and enthusiastically share their knowledge and talent.

We endeavor to create a curriculum  that matches the interests of Senior College students and matches the standards of our sponsor, UMA. The senior in our name refers to our general competence and maturity. We already know how to learn and have well developed, easy going, social skills. We like school. You’ll likely like teaching here.

The form below will help us learn about the class you are proposing and how we can help make it a success. For the Fall 2020 Semester which begins mid-September, forms are due August 21, 2020. Currently, all classes are conducted using Zoom. Extensive help, which usually includes training and an in classroom co-host, is available.  Please call 207-621-3551 for more information.

What happens next?

If you are a first time instructor, we will arrange for an in-person interview where we can answer your questions and discuss your proposal. Our conversation, plus the information on your form, will help us know how we can help with publicity – catalog, web, and word of mouth, and what help you might want in teaching, anything from being left alone to a mentor assisting in your classroom.

To add to or edit an existing proposal, enter you name, email, and phone. Fill in other fields with the word “same”. We will combine your proposals.