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Dan Mitchell here. This past Spring I developed a new architectural history class, “Modern Maine: Central Maine’s 20th Century Architectural History.” I wanted to “flesh out” the post-WWII years that were getting short shifted in my other classes, and I also wanted to get into the topic of modern historic preservation. What modern structures will be preserved? I imagine students will have good opinions on this as they have lived it. After the Covid-19 shutdown, I had the thought of using the new class as a vehicle to give students the information to do their own self-guided “architectural tours.” Maybe that could be a new diversion- driving around looking at architecture (probably mostly from the outside)? I like to do that myself. The class is loaded with images of local Maine examples. (Feedback from my previous classes has requested a more local focus.) However, I also try to make connections from local examples to bigger ideas. The class is still a Power Point presentation, but hopefully a Zoom-like interaction can add to things.