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As usual Mike, you did an awesome job with the Roosevelt Class. Unfortunately, I had not signed up for it and did not get a chance to participate in the Zoom presentation, for this is still very new to me, but I have watched all of the videos of the classes and want to thank you so much for the generous sharing of the information.

Perhaps I can share a little bit of history, that some may not know, about Eleanor Roosevelt: she is one of the outstanding founders of the American Mothers organization that began honoring outstanding mothers from each State in 1935. Today the organization is the official sponsor of Mothers Day and the annual Mother of the Year award that honors a mother from each State and picks a National Mother from the State’s honorees. American Mothers Inc also serves as a voice for over 85 million mothers in America and has been MOMSTRONG for over 85 years! Anyone wanting to know more about the organization can go to http://www.AMERICANMOTHERS.ORG/#MOMNATION