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    The annual meeting of the University of Maine at Augusta Senior College was held via Zoom on July 9, 2020. Carole Baldwin, Chair, presided and there were 40 participants.

    Greg Fahy, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and member of the UMASC Board of Directors expressed appreciation from UMA for our “presence on campus and cyberspace” and for acting quickly to move to online classes. UMA plans to bring back a limited number of students in the fall for a few lab and studio classes. Instruction will be mostly remote.

    Four retiring Board members were recognized: Bob Dodge, Jerry Nault, Jane Paxton, and Martha Tait. Kathleen Crilly, Kay Fiedler and Ann Sullivan were welcomed to Board positions that were vacated early. In addition the Nominating Committee nominated Phil Fishman and Dan Mitchell. The membership approved the nominations.

    Appreciation was expressed for the Office Committee, faculty, committee chairs, UMA and Anne Cardale of the Maine Senior College Network. Greg Fahy expressed appreciation of the Concert Committee and the 17 years of the Concerts at Jewett.

    This summer there will be a lecture every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning through the first week in September, as well as a 7-session evening class. There are thirteen courses planned for fall and more are hoped for. The Office Committee and Anne Cardale, MSCN are prepared to assist anyone who is interested in teaching online.

    During a question and answer period, the point was made that outdoor activities should be considered for this summer since physical distancing would be easier and outdoor activities safer than indoor. These might interest members who are fearful of Zoom. A film class was suggested in which members would watch a film independently and then come together online to discuss it. Founding member, Chuck Acker said that the Forum on the Future Committee is planning forums for the fall, focusing on issues related to the pandemic. Patrice Wehner, facilitator for Book Group I, said that there were spaces available for new members. Jennifer Acker, author of The Limits of the World, will join the group via Zoom on July 20. Ann Sullivan, editor of the Illuminator, encouraged submissions for the fall issue.

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