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    The Office

    About This Forum

    • You can read the forum discussions without signing in, but to participate (add topics, reply to existing topics, and subscribe), you need to register and sign in.  Click here to see a video that will show you how.
    • Hansel and Gretel. The “breadcrumb” text at the top of this page shows you the normal sequence of pages, the “breadcrumbs,” that would get you here. You can  click “Home” at the far left of the “breadcrumb” text line to get all the way back to this website’s homepage.  You can click “Discussion Forums” to get back to the page where the forum choices are listed.  You can click “Augusta Senior College Classes” to get back to the list of topics. Using the “breadcrumb” text line at the top of this page, click around, see what happens, and see how the forum works.
    • To keep informed, subscribe, either to a forum to receive an email when a new topic is added, or subscribe to a topic of interest to receive an email when there is a new reply to that topic.
    • These forums are a place for members of the Senior College community to discuss activities and issues, openly and vigorously. There is only one rule – be polite.
      An important first step in being polite is to identify yourself. If the nickname that appears when you participate does not identify you, please do so in the body of your writing or change your “nickname.”  Meaningful speech is most easily protected when the speakers are  known and speak with concern for their reputation.
    • Monitoring of the forum is done both to keep it organized (a monitor might occasionally split or combine topics to keep the subject easy to follow), and to protect us from anonymous trolls and inappropriate behavior. Currently, monitors from the office staff are Kay Fiedler, Shelly Gerstein, Mick O’Halloran, Pam St. Peter, and Ann Sullivan.
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