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    Ann Sullivan

    Shelly’s video instructions about how to sign up in order to access the website are very easy to follow. Thanks, Shelly!

    However, I’d like to add one thing: Please remember to write your password down and put it in a very safe place.

    When making a password it’s a good idea to use at least one upper case letter, at least one number, and at least one symbol.

    My favorite way to create a password is to start off with a  song or poem. So I might start with: Hickory dickory dock the mouse went up the clock. Then I would take the first letter of each word: Hddtmwutc.  So now I have both upper and lower case letters.

    I need a number and a symbol. I tend to take the number closest to the last letter, in this case a ‘c.’ Looking to the top of my keyboard, I find 4$.

    So my new password is: Hddtmwutc4$.   Easy peasy!  It’s not easy for someone else to guess, but it would easy for me to remember–if I were really going to use this password!

    Do you have a favorite way to create a password?


    I am pretty good about jotting down my user name and password (and you need both) but somewhat less good about remembering where I put the piece of paper.

    Sue and I nag each other about putting all passwords in an old organizer book that we keep in the office but still we miss some.

    My Mac laptop has a built in program called keychains that encrypts usernames and passwords and stores them for any sites I access.

    All I have to remember is the password to log into my laptop. I am sure that Windows machines offer a similar feature.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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