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    As most of you probably know, for many years the University of Maine at Augusta has generously allowed the Senior College to use the Jewett Hall auditorium for Concerts and Forum on the Future presentations.

    A couple months ago the Senior College Board of Directors approved a motion to donate $4,000 from its gift fund to show our appreciation to UMA.  As a result of the board’s direction a gift was presented to the UMA Jewett Hall Renovation Fund to help them pay for the recent improvements of the venue that the Senior College has used many times over the last several years.  Some of the improvements that have been completed include an enlarged stage and new seats.  Our donation helped pay for 40 of those new seats.

    The next time you have occasion to visit Jewett Hall look at the new seats.  You will probably be able to find one of the forty brass plaques that say “Donated by the UMASC Senior College.”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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