~ Good Ole Days ~

Back in 2019, participating in Senior College included many on campus in person get-togethers.  We might meet in the cafeteria with friends between classes, or attend on campus concerts and lectures.  Although these activities are suspended until covid is brought under control, we link them here to remind us what the complete version of Senior College will once again offer in the near future.

Zooming has entered our lives, both at Senior College and elsewhere, and tested our desire for human connection. Many of us have learned that we love people even more than we dislike the  technology that filters our experience of each other. Basically whether with friends on a walk, in a car, in a classroom, on the telephone, listening to the radio, or even in zoom boxes, we love to tell stories, hear stories, and learn about the experiences and knowledge of others. The mechanism, though not without influence, fades away.
See you soon.