Good things are coming to the Jewett Hall Concert Series.

New Seats, Bigger Stage, and Tickets Online!

“The project will entail rebuilding the stage and expanding the size of the stage by approximately 6 feet. We will be permanently removing the first two rows of seats to allow the space for the stage expansion. We will be replacing the rest of the auditorium seats, installing new carpet and new acoustical tiles,” explains Sheri Stevens, Executive Director of Administrative Services for UMA.

So, as you may have noticed this season of the Concerts at Jewett will not include a December concert, and the January concert will be held in the Fireplace Lounge. Then, in February, expect to relax in comfortable, shiny new surroundings and be entertained with good music at our traditional affordable price!

Also coming this season, online tickets are expected to be available on this website, Watch for this convenient new advanced sale system in September.

 Concerts at Jewett are presented by the UMA College of Arts & Sciences & UMA Senior College