UMA College of Arts and Sciences and UMASC presents

Looking at the 2nd Amendment

Sunday, February 3 at 2 pm • Jewett Hall

Our panel will discuss: 1) the history of the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution protecting the right of people to keep and bear arms, 2) the hunters' perspective, and 3) how we can decrease gun violence.

Dave Cheever

After graduating from Bangor High School and Colby, he was English teacher at Bangor High School, Sports Director – Bangor TV station, News Director – Stephen King's Bangor radio station, Bangor Daily News. Then he was noticed in Augusta: Press Secretary –Govenor Brennan, Public Information Liason – Attorney General Tierney, Editorial Page Editor – Central Maine Newspapers, Maine State Library, and Maine's State Archivist since 2007.

Dave Trahan

Dave Trahan is a UMA graduate. He is a former self-employed logger and served eight years in the House and then three years in the Senare, representing much of Lincoln County. He became Executive Director of Sportsman's Alliance of Maine in the summer of 2011. His goals include defending sportsmen's 2nd amendment rights, rebuilding the deer herd, and attracting more young people, women, and disabled to Maine's woods, lakes, and streams.

Geoff Bickford

Geoff Bickford is the Executive Director of the Gun Safety Coalition. It was founded in 2000 to protect Maine families and communities from gun violence through education, advocacy, and the distribution of free trigger locks. He graduated from Wheaton College and CUNY School of Law (2008) – then a public defender for the Legal Aid Society in Manhatten. He clerked for Judge Rich of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maine, then Judge Mandelbaum, N.Y. Supreme Court.

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