Are you comfortable
using the web

with photos, emails, texts, Facebook, shopping – all the simple stuff that doesn’t always turn out quite so simple?

Do you worry
about web privacy

or being pestered with unwanted messages and pop-ups?

Would you like help

picking your first web device, laptop, tablet or smartphone, or moving to a newer one, or using the one you have?

Offers Classes to UMASC Students

Readfield residents Tom Furrow and Bethany Leigh of The National Digital Equity Center, headquartered in Machias, have offered to tailor classes to the needs of Augusta Senior College students. During the first meeting of this year’s Spring classes, we will present a short survey seeking to learn what the demand is for the various topics that most interest our members. The results will be used by Tom and Bethany to create our digital classes. Although the emphasis is expected to be on the basics, more advanced courses, such as creating a website, will also be presented if there is interest. Classes size will be between 4 and 8. Laptops are provided in class or you can use a device you bring.
Please think about how you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and be ready to indicate what you want in your digital class, using the survey during your first class meeting this March. Surveys will also be available at the office and online.


Tom Furrow


Bethany Leigh