Course Proposal

  • Everything above this line is mandatory. It will be used to open a file for your proposal and help us know how many classes to expect.
    RETURNING INSTRUCTORS: Please fill out the information above this line as soon as possible. The remaining information is needed by November 22. It can be added in a separate application.
    NEW INSTRUCTORS: Please fill out the remainder of the form as much you can. Your answers may be edited later. Some of the questions may not make sense until after we talk. Note that you can also “Save and Continue”. Doing so will give you a link that lets you come back to the form later, but does not submit it to us.

    Especially for new instructors, if your Short Course Description entered above did not cover the 3 points listed below, please further describe your class in the Detailed Course Description box which follows. This will help us better understand your course and background.
    1. What is your class about? What skill, knowledge, or understanding will students gain?
    2. To help students understand your interests and what you will be teaching, tell us about your own related experience, training, or study.
    3. Please include a biographical paragraph.
  • In addition to the Short Course Description above, this box will help with publicity, especially on the web, where we can present a more complete description of your class than the limited space of the printed catalog allows.
  • Instead of filling out the class description above, you may also send files you already have on your own computer by clicking "Select Files". You are not limited to one file. You can send a resume, tentative syllabus, whatever.
    Please also upload a photo of yourself, either a headshot or something we can edit to a a headshot, if we do not have one from a previous class.
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    Max. file size: 256 MB.
    • What do you envision to be the minimum and maximum class enrollment?
    • Use the box below to list the text (include ISBN#) and materials that you would like to use. (Limit $25 per student.)
      Also use this box to communicate any additional information, comments, questions, or requests.
    • Thank you.