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Senior College students were, of course, disappointed when classes were canceled, but Mike Bell stepped right up and offered his class on the Roosevelts via Zoom. Initially, two sections were scheduled, and Mike decided to keep to that schedule—one class meeting on Monday morning and the other on Friday morning. (more)

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Elizabeth Reinsborough is offering to guide us, via PowerPoint, through the scenic beauty of Newfoundland. Learn about the ancient inhabitants and meet the friendly Newfies as she takes us east across the island  on the TransCanada Highway in the first half of the program and north  along the Viking Trail in the second half. Discuss

Ann Sullivan is contemplating an expanded version of the Brown-Bag lecture she gave 6 years ago. She would plan on two or maybe even three Zoom sessions. The lectures would include discussion about the background leading to the Acadian settlement, the seven shifts between French and British control of the colony, and the actual expulsion (le Grand Dérangement) that many of us read about in Longfellow’s Evangeline. Discuss

Mike Bell is looking to offer programs similar to his recent Hubert Humphrey presentation on Walter Mondale, Lenny Thom (xo of PT 109) and Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Discuss

Dan Mitchell has developed a new architectural history class, “Modern Maine: Central Maine’s 20th Century Architectural History.” – including the topic of modern historic preservation. To adapt to the current situation, he has the wonderful idea of adapting the curriculum into a drive-yourself architectural tour experience – a weekly zoom PowerPoint with discussion, and then the opportunity for students to drive to the site in Maine on their own. Discuss

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Roosevelt Series


Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt are two of the most consequential people in American history. The class examines their lives and their role in shaping America and the world as we know it. As part of the class, Mike arranged two special visits for us. The first took us to Campobello where we took a virtual tour of the grounds with Will Kernohan who also described family life at the “cottage.” Then four Campobello guides took over and told their favorite Roosevelt stories. The second was presented by author Kathryn Smith. She offered a living history program about Marguerite “Missy” LeHand, FDR’s private secretary, the subject of Smith’s popular book, “The Gatekeeper.” Missy LeHand is generally considered the first and only female presidential chief of staff. There was a lengthy, informative Q and A after the program.

Missy LeHand living history program by Kathryn Smith. Extensive Q & A follows.

A virtual tour of Roosevelt Campobello International Park by Will Kernohan
and four guides.


TO PLAY VIDEOS, click on the images below and at right.

The origins of the Roosevelt family, FDR’s education and marriage to Eleanor.

The start of FDR’s career in government
and politics.

Their struggles… FDR’s affair with Lucy Mercer and his battle with polio.

Places that were important to FDR: Hyde Park, Warm Springs, and Campobello.

Character profiles of some of the Roosevelts’ enemies.

FDR’s friends & companions:
Missy LeHand, Lucy Mercer, and “Daisy” Suckley.

FDRs Leadership qualities.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights.

FDR’s legacy and what happened to his children.