elizabeth reinsborough

Last spring, the Curriculum Committee voted to give a very special award, the Legacy Award, to a person in our community who exemplifies the ideals of volunteer service, not just here at our Senior College at Augusta but also worldwide. Elizabeth Reinsborough was the unanimous choice for this first-ever Legacy Award. Before Senior College, she was a volunteer in Tanzania. She also helped to build houses in Zambia, Ethiopia, Mongolia, the Ivory Coast, and El Salvador. As a volunteer at Senior College, Elizabeth served 17 years on the Board of Directors, Curriculum Committee, and Scholarship Committee, and she coordinates all our lecture series: Fall, Winter, and Spring. And when Covid hit, she joined the Office Committee.

Furthermore, Elizabeth has taught many classes herself (at least five classes and 11 lectures since 2019). She has guided us through natural and man-made wonders worldwide and in the United States. In her most recent class, we traveled through the national parks in the eastern U.S., leaving us with beautiful memories whether we’d visited these sites ourselves or not.

All of us at Senior College value Elizabeth’s many contributions, providing us with an important legacy, an essential aspect of our history. Her volunteer service, as well as that of others, built the foundations of Senior College and has cemented its existence. Always modest, Elizabeth notes, “In all the years that I have been involved with Senior College, I certainly feel that I have got much more out of it than I have given back.” Elizabeth also hopes to be a part of Senior College for a long time to come. Her service represents the essence of what the Legacy Award means to us.