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The Senior College Board has announced in a letter to the community that the Spring 2020 Semester and all group activities are canceled.  Read more.

Coronavirus closes gatherings at Granite Hill

Northbridge Companies, owners of Granite Hill Estates
, have explained that they "have made the proactive decision to temporarily postpone outside group gatherings and events within the community as well as transportation to activities and large group events outside the community . . ." 

More information is available at the 
Northbridge Companies website.


MARCH 22: Maine's Criminal Justice System -

Maine's Criminal Justice System -
How Restorative?

Invited speakers: a Criminal Justice Professor, a Prison Administrator, and a Criminal Defense Attorney ... Read more

Computer Classes Coming to UMASC

The National Digital Equity Center offers classes to UMASC Students

During the first meeting of this year’s Spring classes, we will present a short survey seeking to learn what the demand is for the various topics that most interest our members.

Readfield residents Tom Furrow and Bethany Leigh of the National Digital Equity Center, Machias have offered to tailor classes to the needs of Augusta Senior College students.

Read More


The Gawler Family
Sunday, April 5
2-4pm, Jewett Hall

With vocals, fiddles, banjo, guitar, cello, harmonica, washboard and other acoustic instruments including their feet, the Gawler Band, a longtime mid-coast and central Maine institution, is known for the rich, melodic, and happy traditional tunes of Maine.

Read more


TERRA PLUME: Paintings by Katie St. Clair
Feb. 27- Mar. 27, 2020 • Danforth Gallery 

With bright colors erupting in powdery sprays or running in diluted washes, the paintings in Terra Plume transform the forms and structures of one of nature’s most hidden realms, the secret underworld of mushrooms that connect forest root-systems, into lucid abstractions. Read More

Senior Education is Global

UMASC: Our history & purpose  A series of articles about the global movement for Life Long Learning.

Help for Beginners to the web.
There are "Help Buttons" on many of this websites pages, which pop open instructional boxes appropriate to the pages they're on. The explanations are not intended for those who use the web easily. These instructions are intended to encourage those who are not confident clicking around and committing to actions on the web.  We are a school, after all, and we hope to create an experience on our own website that will transfer to use of  the web in general for those who did not previously have access because they did not have a successful experience.
To pause the photos from rotating in the slideshow at the top-middle of the page, just pause your mouse on top of the picture.  Move the mouse off and the rotation will begin again.  The stop and start are slightly delayed.  You can also change photos by clicking on the little dots at the bottom, or on the arrows at the middle of either side.
Overview of the registration process
In a grocery store, you look around, put the things you want in a shopping cart, and go to the checkout counter to finalize your purchase.  On the way to check out, you may change your mind about some of the items you put in the cart and take them out.
On this website, the registration process is the same.  You put classes in a cart, take them out, if you change your mind, and then checkout or register.  On this website, your registration is complete without immediate payment.  You must pay within one week to reserve your spot. You can pay immediately on the University's secure server (we'll take you there with a click), with a check by mail, with a credit card by mail, or at the office with credit card, check, or even cash.
You do not need to use this website for class registration.  As always, you can fill out the registration form in the catalog that was mailed to you or come to the office and register in person.  In these cases, we will add your  registration to the other registrations that are on the web, as if you had done it yourself.