UMASC Winter Lecture Series –  Free for Everyone!

It does look like Covid-19 is going to be with us a while longer. That means we will most likely be spending even more time than usual inside this winter. UMA Senior College has put together a Winter Lecture Series (a replacement for our usual Brown Bag lunches) to help keep us connected and engaged. These weekly presentations will begin on January 12th and be held at 1:00pm on Tuesday (and a couple Thursday) afternoons. As has been the case in the past with our Brown Bag gatherings, these lectures are free and open to the public so be sure to recommend them to your friends.


Tuesday, January 12
Reveille @ 6:15,
Pancakes for Breakfast

Louis Fontaine

Tuesday, January 19
Ships and the Logistics of
Moving Goods Worldwide
Larry Wade

Tuesday, January 26
Pathfinder: Phil Crane and
the Conservative Revolution

Mike Bell

Tuesday, February 2
Tour Through the
History of Photography
Zachariah Selley

Tuesday, February 9
Food Preservation 101
Deborah Barnett

Tuesday, February 16 and
Thursday, February 18
Travels in South Africa – Part 1&2
Elizabeth Reinsborough

Tuesday, February 23
Speaking Out Against Hate,
Prejudice and Bias

David Greenham

Thursday, February 25
Two Jazz Lives: Sonny Clark and Tina Brooks
Frank Johnson

Tuesday, March 2
Introduction to Conservation Burial
Theresa Kerchner

Tuesday, March 9
Why Don’t the Herring Swim Out of the Weir?
Robert Tredwell

Online Classes – Member Quotes


The Senior College Curriculum and Office Committees are already gathering ideas, taking suggestions, and recruiting instructors to offer a variety of interesting, informative, and free Zoom classes for the spring 2021 semester. As the schedule comes together, Senior College will provide email and snail mail updates and the UMASC website will be updated.

Rumor has it that Frank Johnson will be jazzing things up again come spring, and Mike Bell will give us new perspectives on our New England history. He certainly hit one out of the park (Fenway, of course) with his fall semester course, We Are Coming, Father Abraham. Mike’s creativity provided a wonderful example of how modern technology can transport us back in time to experience a pivotal moment in our country’s history. This gave us the opportunity to hear a moving discussion between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Our spring 2021 semester will begin the week of March 15th. Ideas, suggestions, and instructors for lectures and classes are needed. If you know someone who might have a interesting topic to present, contact the Senior College office. If you have an interest or hobby you are passionate about, consider doing a lecture to share this with others. If there is a subject, event, or person that you would like to learn more about, pass this along and staff of volunteers will try to find someone to teach it.

In order to have a dynamic slate of classes and lectures in 2021, your input is needed. Contact the UMA Senior College office at or leave a message at 621-3551 and someone will return your call.

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If you have any questions about the newsletter, or would like to submit an item for publication, please contact the newsletter editor, Ann Sullivan, at The next deadline is May 24.

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