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Maine Senior College Network – MSCN

Find more classes – Join the Network!

Your membership in UMA Senior College makes you eligible to take courses at any of the seventeen Senior Colleges in the State of Maine. It’s easy to find classes that might interest you by going to the Maine Senior College Network (MSCN) online classes page, click here. There, you will find links to all the Senior Colleges and their catalogs. Be advised – most other Senior Colleges do charge for their courses (aren’t we lucky that UMASC Zoom classes are free!). Each individual college determines its fees, and you will pay that college when you register.

Ann Cardale

To be notified directly of classes statewide, sign up for MSCN announcements. You will also receive notifications of lectures, special events, and news items. Click here, and then use the log-in button in the upper righthand corner to get on the list.

By the way, it is in large part due to the work and foresight of Anne Cardale, the director at MSCN that Maine Senior Colleges were able to adapt to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19. She trained herself, and then provided training to our office staff, and the staffs at other senior colleges, so that we could implement online classes.  Just one of the many things she does behind the scenes to keep things running.  Thank you Anne!

Midcoast senior college

Get Ready for Black History Month in February

Midcoast Senior College has made available a video series of its 4 week course  “African-Americans: The Civil War and Aftermath.” Hosted by Gardner Shaw, the 4 topics are:

  1. Why Civil War?
    Guest Speaker: Patrick Rael

  2. African Americans in the U.S. Colored Troops
    Guest Speaker Noma Petroff

  3. African-American Politics and White Violence in Reconstruction
    Guest Speaker: Ashley Towle

  4. The Black Freedom Movement, 1945-1975: The Southern Story
    Guest Speaker: Chris Myers Asch 

For video links and more info on the topics and speakers, click here
For Mid-Coast Senior College, click here

Spectrum generations

Healthy Living Classes
with Jen Paquet

Jen Paquet is the Healthy Living Coordinator for Spectrum Generations. For information on available Health and Wellness programs, contact:,
call (207) 620-1642, or go to