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Free Access 365 Days a Year, Sunrise to Sunset

With 224 acres of gardens, trails, and natural habitats, Viles Arboretum offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore and learn about nature right in the heart of the city of Augusta, Maine.

There are over six miles of trails that wind through dozens of gardens and natural areas, making it a great place for year-round recreation. Enjoy hiking, walking, biking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing – all accessible at no cost. 

Trails that offer access to a wide variety of habitats make the Arboretum an incredible destination for wildlife watching. Our botanical collections feature native and non-native plants of statewide importance.


224 acre Botanical Garden

Viles Arboretum in Augusta is free, easily accessible, and open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. The space includes six miles of trails, several botanical collections, and local art (all marked and signed), on 224 acres. Trail maps are available at the trailhead kiosk. Dogs are allowed on the trails, on a leash at all times. Pet owners must pick up after their dogs.

Viles also offers a suite of COVID-friendly outdoor programs, including General Tours, School-based Field trip Programs and a rotating suite of classes/workshops led by a small staff of educators.



Farnsworth Art Museum

The Farnsworth Art Museum offers a nationally recognized collection of works from many of America’s greatest artists. With more than 20,000 square feet of gallery space and more than 15,000 works in the collection, there is always something new on view at the Farnsworth. The museum has one of the nation’s largest collections of works by sculptor Louise Nevelson. The Museum has an extensive collection of Maine works by three generations of Wyeths—N.C., Andrew and Jamie—and in a unique partnership with the Wyeth Center for American Art and the Brandywine Museum, has access to more than 7,000 Wyeth works of art.

Docents Chris Williamson and Carter Meyer have taken UMA Senior College members on many wonderful, 8-week Zoom tours of the Farnsworth Museum during the spring and fall semesters at UMASC. 

Admission for seniors is $18. Please check website for current museum hours.

Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine

The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, promotes universal respect for human rights through outreach and education. Using the lessons of the Holocaust and other events past and present we encourage individuals and communities to reflect and act upon their moral responsibilities to confront prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

Gerda Haas, HHRC Founder — In April 1985, following the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Day of Remembrance) service at the Blaine House in Augusta, the Holocaust and Human Rights Center announced its official birth, with Gerda Haas as founder. The HHRC presented programs for schools and its annual summer seminar for teachers. In the mid-1990s, the HHRC published and distributed The Spirit that Moved Us, a three volume resource guide for teaching about diversity, prejudice, human rights, and the Holocaust. In addition to educational work, staff and volunteers at the HHRC conducted a series of interviews with Holocaust survivors in Maine which were recorded and transcribed and are still available for review.

Building the Michael Klahr Center — In October 2005, the HHRC broke ground on its permanent home, the Michael Klahr Center, a Maine architectural highlight on the UMA campus at Augusta. HHRC opened its doors to the public in May 2008. The HHRC continues the legacy created by Gerda Haas through continuing educational programming and teacher training. In addition, the Klahr Center hosts rotating exhibits and many events, bringing a wide array of students, educators, community members and visitors to the UMA campus each year.

Maine Senior College Network – MSCN

Find more classes – Join the Maine Senior College Network

Your membership in UMA Senior College makes you eligible to take courses at any of the seventeen Senior Colleges in the State of Maine. It’s easy to find classes that might interest you by going to the Maine Senior College Network (MSCN) online classes page, click here. There, you will find links to all the Senior Colleges and their catalogs. Be advised – most other Senior Colleges do charge for their courses (aren’t we lucky that UMASC Zoom classes are free!). Each individual college determines its fees, and you will pay that college when you register.

Ann Cardale

To be notified directly of classes statewide, sign up for MSCN announcements. You will also receive notifications of lectures, special events, and news items. Click here, and then use the log-in button in the upper righthand corner to get on the list.

By the way, it is in large part due to the work and foresight of Anne Cardale, the director at MSCN that Maine Senior Colleges were able to adapt to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19. She trained herself, and then provided training to our office staff, and the staffs at other senior colleges, so that we could implement online classes.  Just one of the many things she does behind the scenes to keep things running.  Thank you Anne!


Think that Barbershop music means 4 guys singing between shaves?  You’re mistaken! This a cappella four-part-chord-style of singing dates back to 1800’s America in parlors, street corners, and gatherings everywhere.

Today, “Mainely Harmony” keeps the barbershop tradition going in Central Maine. From opening the Legislative session at the State House in Augusta singing the National Anthem in 4 part harmony, to performing for small family events, their performances range from a 2 dozen strong choir to a simple quartet. They also compete as members of the nationwide Harmony, Inc.

They have been rehearsing year round since 1989, (currently at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays) and are always looking for new members. Women of all ages who like to sing are welcome to join their rehearsals. Contact Dee at 207-740-4882, visit their website, or you can hear them here.


CODA Chorus is an all-inclusive community chorus located in Winthrop. There are no auditions; and they welcome any community members, high school age and older.

CODA presents two formal concerts a year and sings a wide variety of music styles, from classical, folk and Christmas carols to Broadway, jazz, and novelty numbers.


NEED A RIDE? … You’re in luck if you live in the lakes region north-west of campus. The Neighbors Driving Neighbors (NDN) organization has provided 100,000 miles of free rides since its founding in 2015.

The heart of the service is the 50 or so volunteer drivers. At a meeting to publicize the service to the recently added town of Readfield, a relatively new driver from a nearby town shared his experience emphasizing the social aspect of the program. One of his first pickups was an elderly woman who lived not far from the new house he and his wife had just purchased. As they drove by his new home on the way to her destination, he pointed it out, and she said, “I know that house very well.  In high school, that’s where my boy friend lived!” Instantly, he felt he was becoming part of his new community

The Details
As long as you live in Vienna, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Belgrade, Rome or Readfield, a volunteer driver will take you to any location within 35 miles or so. Neighborhood drivers can take passengers to medical appointments, stores, the hair salon, classes, social events, or on other errands. Some ride regularly, others only occasionally, some are young, some are older. Can’t leave the house? The service can also provide grocery and pharmacy pick-up and delivery.

When asked about expanding to other towns, executive director Joe Austin said that they are not currently looking to grow more – if they did they might loose their community orientation. However, he would be happy to help others replicate their success.  He’s learned a lot about regulations, insurance, the process for qualifying volunteer drivers and making it easy for them to choose which ride requests they will fulfill, all the administrative necessities. 

Perhaps UMASC, though not geographic, is a community that might one day look for some advice on ride-sharing to lessen our dependence on Zoom! For now, if you do live in a participating town, check out the fall classes – you may see a class you didn’t know you could get to!

Join NDN
It is important to note that NDN is not a public “taxi” service. You must be registered to schedule a ride. So if you are a resident of one of the towns listed above, register now so that you can reserve a ride when you need one. There is no charge. Call (207) 860-0677 or check their website to learn more.

Penobscot Marine Museum


Penobscot Marine Museum brings Maine’s maritime history to life on a campus of beautiful historic buildings in the charming seacoast village of Searsport, Maine. Exhibits throughout the campus tell unique stories of ship captains and their families, the industries of Penobscot Bay, global maritime trade, and today’s fisheries.

Spectrum generations

Healthy Living Classes with Jen Paquet

Jen  is the Healthy Living Coordinator for Spectrum Generations.
For information on available Health and Wellness programs, contact:
• or call (207) 620-1642

AARP Maine Fraud Watch: A Virtual Monthly Scam Awareness Series with Local Fraud Fighters

FRAUD WATCH with Phil and Eric

Second Thursday of the month •  10am

The Maine AARP “Fraud Watch with Phil Chin and Eric Seltzer” interactive Zoom meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 10am.

Maine AARP Communications Director, Jane Margesson invites everyone interested to attend the meetings.

No AARP membership is required.