ABC’s of Drawing

Instructor: Barbara McCarthy

Thursdays •  9/19-11/7 • 1:00-3:00 PM • 8 classes

Class size 6 to 15 students
-1 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 295

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The ability to draw is being able to see what is observed and to transfer that observation to paper. Fundamental drawing skills and techniques can be learned. We will use exercises to encourage the right side of the brain to do the work of “seeing”. With practice, it will gradually become easier to switch consciously into intuitive visual perception. “What the eye can see, the hand can draw.” –Michelangelo. Materials provided. Studio

Barbara McCarthy’s life has always been filled with a desire to create art. She remembers watching her artist mother draw portraits of family and friends, and then drawing her own “beautiful” princesses. Even after nursing school, marriage and raising 5 children; she earned a BA in studio art at Smith College and continues to share her love.