2020 Spring Semester



Adventures in Basketry

Instructor: Diane Wheeler

Wednesdays • 3/18-5/6 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 5-12 students
1 seats remaining
Location: Randall 250

Come explore the art of basket making – An adventure of creativity, function and fun! All levels of skill are encouraged. Everyone will start with a beginner basket, and then move on at their own pace. A variety of basket patterns are available. If you have your own kit or an unfinished basket, those can be worked on too. The number of baskets you make is up to you.

Equipment needed:
Small pail, yard stick, heavy duty scissors, pencil, clips (clothes pins), an awl /ice pick/small gauge knitting needle. Also helpful are needle nose pliers and a ruler. Cane or reed will be supplied. Classroom

Diane Wheeler graduated from UMaine with a social work degree. Employed by the State of Maine for 25 years, she retired as a Case Work Supervisor for children’s services. Basket making started as a hobby, and a way to relax from work. But since retirement, it has become a second career. She’s been making baskets now for over 40 years! Diane does a few artistic craft fairs and demonstrations (such as Norlands Farm museum), and sells her baskets in a local Maine craft store.