2019 Spring Class

Brain Aerobics

Instructor: Fred E. Brown

Mondays •  3/18-5/13 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Location: Jewett 293

We know that physical activity helps to keep the body healthful. There are many who claim that keeping the mind active will provide a similar positive effect on the brain. In this class we will experience a multitude of activities designed to stimulate the mental side.

Primarily, we will study puzzles, strategies, patterns, similarities and differences. For example:
• Word puzzles (anagrams, cryptograms, filling blanks)
• Number puzzles (Sudoko, fill in the blanks)
• Visual puzzles (sequencing, changes)
• Manipulatives
• Why are some puzzles impossible to solve?

In addition I would encourage students to bring in their own favorites to share with the class. Classroom

Class size 5-12 students
7 seats remaining


Fred Brown taught math at Hall-Dale and Cony High Schools from 1965 until 2000. He also taught as an adjunct at UMA during that time, and was hired as an assistant professor at UMA in 2000. He retired in 2013.