2020 Spring Semester



Bridge Basics 2 – Competitive Bidding

Instructor: Barbara Livingston, Norma Blazer, Suzanne Rosenberg

Mondays • 3/23-5/18 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Class size 8-23 students
2 seats remaining
Location: Klahr Center

Bridge Basics 2 introduces innovative methods of hand valuation and the bids that modern players are using when both partnerships are competing during the auction. This course will cover topics such as preemptive opening bids, overcalls and advances, and takeout doubles. Geared to students who are familiar with the bidding guidelines introduced in Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction by Audrey Grant.

* This class continues from an earlier semester and is partially preregistered with previous students. Classroom

Norma and
Suzanne have been involved with Senior College in various ways for a number of years. Among other things, they have enjoyed teaching bridge classes together. They believe that playing bridge is one of the best ways to enjoy one’s senior years. Barbara, an experienced teacher, keeps the team in line; Norma, a certified
ACBL instructor, is the go-to person for tricky questions; and Suzanne, a newer player, remembers what it was like to learn the game. Together, they promise to make the class a positive, fun experience!