2021 Spring



BRIDGE BASICS 3 – Popular Conventions

Instructor: Norma Blazer, Connie McDonald, Suzanne Rosenberg

Mondays • 10 classes – 3/15-5/17 • 11:00 AM

Class size 8-20 students
7 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

This class covers the information needed to understand and use basic conventions that will be useful in helping you to play better bridge.  We will also “play” practice deals, to give you a chance to experience using these conventions:  Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Strong Opening Bids, and Slam Bidding.  We will go through the material slowly, to give students time to absorb the information and try it out in their own play.

In lieu of tuition, students are asked to purchase the textbook.

Bridge Basics 3: Popular Conventions by Audrey Grant, September 2007
To order a textbook go to the ISBN Search link, or contact the UMASC office if you need help.om

Norma, Connie and Suzanne have been involved with Senior College as both instructors and students, and most recently taught the Bridge Basics 2 Class Competitive Bidding together.  They have enjoyed playing and teaching bridge, and are especially happy to have figured out how to provide classes via Zoom to help us cope with COVID. Norma is a certified ACBL instructor and the Zoom-master. Connie comes by bridge naturally since her mother was a great bridge player and would be pleased to know how she is helping to bring more players along in their play. Suzanne is a newer player and remembers what it was like to try and learn how the game is played.  They promise to make the class a positive, fun experience.