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Bridge Basics I

Instructor: Barbara Livingston, Norma Blazer, & Suzanne Rosenberg

Mondays •  9/16-11/18 • 1:00-3:00 PM • 8 classes (no class 10/14 and 11/11)

Class size 10 to 22 students
-1 seats remaining
Location: Klahr Center
Bridge Basics I is for beginning players and those who wish to brush up on the fundamentals of bridge. The class will introduce students to up-to-date methods that represent the way bridge is played today. For any questions about this course, please email  Classroom



Norma Blazer,
Barbara Livingston,
& Suzanne Rosenberg

Norma, Barbara, and Suzanne have been involved with Senior College in various ways for a number of years.  Among other things, they have enjoyed teaching bridge classes together. They believe that playing bridge is one of the best ways to enjoy one’s senior years. Now they feel it’s time to introduce more players to the game of bridge with a beginner’s class. Barbara is an experienced teacher (and even has a degree in adult education), so she keeps the team in line. Norma is a certified ACBL instructor and is the go to person for the tricky questions. Suzanne is a newer player, so remembers what it was like to try and learn how the game is played. They promise to make the class a positive, fun experience.