2021 Fall

Classes are now free of charge with your UMASC Membership.


Bridge for Advancing Players:
Major Suit Raises 1

Instructor: Norma Blazer, Connie McDonald

Wednesdays • 8 classes • 9/22-11/10 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 8-24 students
5 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

Discussion, bidding, and deals: weak major suit raises including the “weak freak” and opener’s help suit game try; limit raises and the “two-step” alternative; responder’s preemptive jump raise, cuebids, and Jordan in competition; forcing major suit raises, including Jacoby 2NT. We will focus on evaluating “fit” and on the special value of distribution in a major suit contract. Students should be familiar with the guidelines taught in Audrey Grant’s Bridge Basics Series—An Introduction, Competitive Bidding, and Popular Conventions.

Textbook: ACBL Major Suit Raises 1. Those who register will be notified of arrangements to
purchase the text from an instructor. Cost is $6.30 each.


Norma Blazer and Connie McDonald
Norma and Connie have taught the Audrey Grant Bridge Basics Series several times to enthusiastic UMASC students who continue to improve their game by playing in person and online at BBO.

Norma prefers duplicate and is a certified ACBL instructor.

Connie has played social bridge most of her life and is a regular in the student club games, so she knows what “sticks.”