2024 Spring

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Monday, March 4
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Difficult Conversation and Bias

Instructor: David Greenham

Wednesdays • 2 classes – 3/20-3/27 • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Class size 5-25 students
25 seats remaining
Location: Randall 248

Our heightened political climate has made for some very challenging conversations among friends. In this two session class, we’ll examine some ways to better recognize the biases that we bring to our conversations, and also learn some techniques to use to de-escalate conversations before they turn into arguments.

David Greenham for the handicapped

David Greenham is a consultant focusing on culture and the arts. He most recently served as the Interim Executive Director of the Maine Arts Commission. Prior to working for the State of Maine, he served as the associate director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine where he developed several programs on the topics of difficult conversations. He’s been an instructor for Senior College many times over the years, most recently teaching a class on Recognizing Bias.

David is a writer who lives in Gardiner, Maine with his wife, Amie. He is a lecturer of drama at the University of Maine at Augusta, and is a contributing theater reviewer for the Boston-based online newsletter The ArtsFuse (artsfuse.org).