2024 Spring

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Monday, March 4
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Marvelous Birds

Instructor: Cheryl Ring

Tuesday & Thursday • 5/7 classroom from 1-4 PM • 5/9 field trip from 8-11 AM (rain day 5/14)

Class size 5-25 students
25 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 189
1 Tuesday classroom session followed by a Thursday field trip.

How do birds fly higher than humans can breathe?  How do birds stand on ice without having their feet freeze off?  How do birds’ bones help them to fly? What bird is the fastest animal on the planet?  Why are birds literally in a Class by themselves?  And, how do people identify birds in the field?  Please join us if you have ever wondered about any of these questions or have more of your own.  We will have one classroom session followed by a half-day field trip where we can have fun identifying birds together.

A $5.00 per person user fee will be collected for use of the Arboretum.

Cheryl Ring is an ardent birder and a graduate of the Maine Master Naturalist Program.  She is a member of the Augusta Birding Club and coordinates Augusta’s Christmas Bird Count. She has birded in many countries around the world but really loves birding in Maine.