2024 Spring

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Instructor: Joseph Moore

Mondays • 8 classes • 3/18-5/13 (No class 4/15) • 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Class size 5-25 students
16 seats remaining
Location: Zoom only

This course is about everything beyond The Physical. What makes what happens, happen? Where is the Beginning, and When is the End…And, What do I do in-between all of that? What is My Purpose… Remember what you know, Remember Who You Are. Come with an open heart, and an open mind… open understanding.

Joseph C. Moore has been an instructor at the University of Maine Senior College for one year. He is a master of metaphysical science, and has studied spirituality for well over 30 years. Having earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in metaphysics, science and business, Joseph is a well-renowned student, teacher, and discerner of things Spiritual. Joseph has learned, taught and travelled in various countries around the world including Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Joseph is now in the final stages of completing his Doctoral candidacy in transpersonal counseling.