2024 Spring

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Registration begins
Monday, March 4
at noon. 

Out and About in Maine

Instructor: Linda Williams, Mick O’Halloran, Sue O'Halloran (assistant)

Fridays 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/31 • Bonus Saturday 5/25 • 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Class size 13-17 students
17 seats remaining
Location: Field Trips
The first class will meet at 10:30 am in Randall 218 (Thompson Conference Room)
to sign some necessary paperwork before leaving
for lunch and the first field trip.

More adventures await intrepid travelers as we travel around Maine to learn about our great state. This term we are planning on four classes plus an optional bonus trip.

Proposed Friday destinations include one to be determined, the Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum in a new building with more exhibits, the Owls Head Transportation Museum, and the Poland Springs museums (three sites including the Maine State house built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the Poland Springs Bottling Museum and Spring House, and All Souls Chapel.)

There will also be an optional Saturday trip to the Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway Museum which will include a train ride. 

Each trip includes a visit to a local restaurant for lunch. Expenses to participants will be lunch costs, entry fee at sites, and a share of gas costs for those who choose to carpool. There will also be some walking at each site. This five week class is a perfect way for participants to learn more about the Great State of Maine


10:30 A.M  • RANDALL  HALL • ROOM 218 

In this first session we will complete the necessary
UMA forms, hand out badges, arrange car pools, etc.

Lunch at CLOUD 9 at the Senator Inn & Spa • 11:30 A.M. 
284 Western Avenue • Augusta, ME • 207-623-0999

Visit Location To Be Determined

MEET AT 11:30 A.M. AT
58 Ocean Street • Rockland ME • 207-594-2435


117 Museum Street • Owls Head ME • $15 Guided Tour • Website

The Owls Head Transportation Museum has an unprecedented collection of more than 150 rare and beautifully restored ground vehicles, aircraft, bicycles, motorcycles, engines, and related artifacts as well as a series of Special Exhibitions ranging from “Women Who Dare” to “The Road to Vacationland”.

16 Station Ave. • Brunswick, ME • 207-721-0403


9500 College Station • Brunswick ME • Donations • Website

After lunch we will go to the Bowdoin Campus. The Arctic Museum recently moved across the campus to the new John and Lile Gibbons Center which has the distinction of being the first commercial-scale, fully mass timber buildings in the state.  Several exhibits feature life and the arts in the Arctic that promise to correct common stereotypes and misperceptions of the area.

Class members may alternatively visit the Bowdoin Museum of Art which features rotating collections that are aways interesting.



97 Cross Road • Alna, ME • $15 Admission

Ride the historic WW&F “narrow gauge” railway – one of Midcoast Maine’s hidden gems – on a seven-mile (round trip) steam train excursion.  We’ll board the train at Sheepscot station for a steam-powered ride through the wild pine forests, farmlands, and hamlets of the Sheepscot Valley to Trout Brook. After a layover to allow the locomotive to “run-around” the train, we’ll return back to Sheepscot station where you’ll want to explore the railyard, examine the displays, and visit the gift shop.

At 1:00 P.M., after the train ride, we will go to the
15 Water Street • Wiscasset, ME • 207-687-8076

This restaurant is in the former LeGarage building
and has a beautiful view of the Sheepscot River.

MEET AT 11:30 A.M. AT
37 Robbins Road • Poland, ME  • 207-998-6024


123 Preservation Way • Poland, ME • Website

Before Poland Spring was a famous spring water brand, it was a celebrated inn. The Ricker family built the inn way back in 1797, but it was Hiram Ricker (grandson of the first Ricker settlers) who discovered the fresh taste of the spring water at the original source. The water was so refreshing, he drank from the spring for a whole week straight (we don’t blame him). Legend has it that he believed the water benefited his health, and just like that, a wonder tonic was born.  In 1906-1907 as demand grew for that water, a new state of the art facility was built.  We'll visit the Bottling Museum and Spring.

Another on-site treasure is the Maine State Building which was built for the 1893 World's Fair. Constructed of granite from 11 different quarries throughout the state, slate from Monson and wood harvested and milled in the state, the building represented several of Maine’s most important natural resources. In Chicago, the building exhibited paintings and portraits of famous Mainers including Madame Nordica, James G. Blaine, Hannibal Hamlin, Sarah Orne Jewett and others; paintings by Scott Leighton and Harrison Bird Brown; 175 books by Maine authors; as well as various Maine-made manufactured goods. 

If time permits the All Souls Chapel, built in 1912, will be included on our tour.

There is a lot to see at Poland Springs.
If you want visit all three sites, the visit could last beyond 4 pm.

Linda Williams
taught 21½ years. She has a BA in History and an MA in Education from University of Michigan. In Maine, Linda worked extensively with the Office of Substance Abuse, the Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program, and Somerset County Hospice as Executive Director. Linda’s classes are always well-received and highly rated.

Mick O’Halloran received most of his education in Miss Down’s Third Grade class in Millinocket. He later went on to Stearns High School, the University of Maine and finally to UMA Senior College. He spent most of his career working in manufacturing where he somehow managed to avoid being laid off until he was old enough to go on Medicare. Bob and Sue now live in Winthrop.


Susan O’Halloran
grew up in New Hampshire, living winters in Berlin and summers at Moose Brook State Park in Gorham. She taught Special Education in NH and Hawaii, and served as a certified childbirth educator for a dozen years. In Maine, Sue completed a two-year program in Family Systems. She facilitated women’s support groups and a variety of state sponsored initiatives including a decade of helping Maine communities address the prevention and/or aftermath management of Youth Suicide.