2019 Spring Class

Contemporary Jazz

Instructor: Frank Johnson

Wednesdays •  3/20-5/8 • 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Location: Randall 248
This course is a listener’s guide to contemporary jazz of the past 35 years. We will listen to noteworthy and influential artists of the post-bop era. Each class will examine a range of musical settings from small group ensembles, piano trios, Afro Latin jazz, female vocalists, and larger bands. The survey will include dozens of musicians such as long-established figures like McCoy Tyner, the Marsalis family and Cedar Walton as well as lesser-known artists such as Emily Remler and Ralph Moore. The small group ensembles will be led by a wide range of instrumentalists. The primary objective of the course is to expose the casual listener to the considerable roster of contemporary musicians who are keeping acoustic jazz vibrant and innovative. Classroom

The course is a survey of recorded jazz during the past 35 years. The classes are designed to expose the casual listener to a wide range of mainstream jazz musicians, Afro Latin jazz and contemporary female vocalists. The topics by week are listed below:

Class size 6-24 students
24 seats remaining


Frank Johnson has a lifelong passion and interest in African-American music: jazz, blues, rhythm & blues, soul, and Afro-Latin. He has a collection of over 4,000 albums covering these genres. In addition, he has a personal library of over 250 books on African-American musical styles, musicians and cultural influences. Frank is a graduate of University of Maine with a degree in Political Science and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives of State and Local Government.