2023 Fall

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Exploring the Ancient World of the Mayans

Instructor: Steve Saunders

Wednesdays • 8 classes • 9/20-11/8 • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Class size 6-12 students
1 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 293
Main temple at Tulum, by Catherwood, from Views of Ancient Monuments, courtesy of Wikipedia.


Take a trip through Central America and parts of Mexico from ancient times to the present as we trace the rise and fall of a great civilization that mysteriously disappeared, as John Stephens and his assistant describe in his books written in the 1840’s, encountering unrest and revolution on the Americas and discovering a civilization that had been abandoned centuries before. We see images of the ruins drawn by Mr. Catherwood in great detail, giving us an idea of what it was like at that time, as well as viewing present day photos taken by Saunders in his travels to the region.

We will discuss the arrival of the Europeans, and later the Americans who came to this land, what they found and how they influenced the culture they found there. This is an opportunity to go deeper into the history of our neighbors to our south and gain a further appreciation for the cross fertilization of our cultures and practices.

Steve Saunders  is a Spanish teacher of some 30 years in area schools and has travelled extensively in Central America and Mexico over the past decades. He lived in El Salvador while in the Peace Corps for two years, and has spent extended time in Mexico and Peru. Recently he and his wife spent three months in El Salvador, and have also spent time in El Paso,Texas, aiding asylum seekers in recent years.