2020 Fall



Going Green in The Anthropocene

Instructor: Chuck Acker

Thursdays • 8 classes – 9/24-11/12 • 9:00 AM

Class size 5-14 students
7 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

This course will deal with the climate change crisis, with an emphasis on economic, technological, and governmental policy changes necessary to avert dangers posed  by a warming planet and transition to a low-carbon energy system.  We will examine proposals and critiques of the “Green New Deal,” and look at interesting methods which promise to reduce greenhouse emissions – as well as “climate denial”. Classes will be held on the Zoom platform which has the capability of facilitating participation by all students. After you have registered for this course you will be supplied with a syllabus which will serve as a guide for advance reading and class discussion.  In lieu of tuition students are asked to purchase a textbook, Hawken (Ed.)  Drawdown……  There is also  an optional text book which I strongly recommend in addition to Hawken but which will not be required since the material is covered by a topical outline in the syllabus: Rifkin The Green New Deal…….  The UMASC office will be able to supply recommendations for ordering the books.  Specifications of the books are as follows:

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, Paperback, April 2017 edition, Author:  Paul Hawken, editor (isbn #9780143130444)
OPTIONAL TEXTBOOK (strongly recommended): The Green New Deal: Why the Fossil Fuel Civilization will Collapse by 2028, and the Bold Economic Plan to Save Life on Earth Paperback (If possible, April 2017 edition), Author: Jeremy Rifkin (isbn #9781250253200)Classroom*

Charles Acker holds a PhD in clinical and physiological psychology from UCLA to help him understand belief systems and mind-body relationships. In the distant past he worked with community leaders, interested older citizens, Senior College Network promoters and key UMA personnel to help bring Senior College to Augusta.


For the fall semester UMASC is offering three courses which have in common interest and concern with life on earth.  Bill Portola’s course “Origins of Human Evolution 2” will deal with the theme of how life came to be and how the environment shaped the course of evolution.  Richard Fortier’s course “Planet of the Humans: The Impact of Humanity on Planet Earth” will have to do with Earth history, the evolution of life and the threat to biodiversity by human-caused habitat degradation and climate change.  Chuck Acker’s course “Going Green In the Anthropocene” will emphasize what society has to do through cultural, political and technological developments to mitigate the effects of climate change.  Students are invited to enroll in all three courses as an integrated package or choose the ones dealing with their particular concern.