2020 Fall



Going Green in The Anthropocene

Instructor: Chuck Acker

Thursdays • 3/18-5/6 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Class size 7-17 students
8 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 291

This course will deal with the climate change crisis, with an emphasis on economic, technological, and governmental policy changes necessary to avert dangers to humanity posed by a warming planet. We will examine proposals and critiques of the “Green New Deal,” and look at interesting methods which promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The class is conducted in a seminar fashion which encourages discussion; textbooks are furnished. We will clarify the significance of the term “Anthropocene.” My previous course on this topic is not a prerequisite, but your interest and concern about the significance of this topic is. Classroom

Charles Acker holds a PhD in clinical and physiological psychology from UCLA to help him understand belief systems and mind-body relationships. In the distant past he worked with community leaders, interested older citizens, Senior College Network promoters and key UMA personnel to help bring Senior College to Augusta.