Granite Hill Lecture Series 2019

Instructor: Different presenters each week

Tuesdays •  9/17-11/5 • 1:00-2:30 PM • 8 lectures

Class size 15-50 students
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Location: Granite Hill Estates


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SEPT 17:   A Week On The Columbia River — Bob & Sue O'Halloran

We will describe our adventures (and mis-adventures) on a River Cruise on the biggest river on the west coast of the America’s.


Presenters: Bob & Sue O’Halloran

SEPT 24:   Dixieland Jazz Banjo — Dean Bennett

This lecture and its musical story is told by a PowerPoint program of slides, historic photos, and video clips along with audio recordings. The program is augmented by live Dixieland and jazz music played on a vintage 1920’s 4-string jazz banjo (known also as a plectrum banjo). The lecture consists of four parts: Perspectives, Performers, History, and Music. Some of the presenter’s lifelong experience with this facinating, uniquely American instrument is also included.

Presenter: Dean Bennett

OCT 1:   Birding With Camera — Phil Downes

​I became interested in birds asa young adult when my wife and I lived in an apple orchard. Reading books by Eliot Porter and watching films by Olin Sewall Pettingill, both with ties to Maine, inspired me to combine my interest in photography with birding. Digital camera technology makes photographing birds easier and more affordable. I have used Nikon DSLR’s and telephoto lenses to create these images, in Maine and in other locations. My wife, Patti, has shared many of the moments in this collection and enjoys the birds as much as I do. It’s one way for us to enjoy the natural world together.

Presenter: Phil Downes

OCT 8:   The Human Cell: All You Wanted To Know — Peter Rosenberg

Knowing the building blocks of the human body will help us understand ourselves better.​

Presenter: Peter Rosenberg

OCT 15:   Winslow Homer — Art Ray

Homer was an early American landscape painter known for marine subjects. He is considered one of the foremost painters in the 19th century and a preeminent figure in American art. Born in Boston in 1883 at 47 he moved to Prouts Neck, Maine and painted there until his death at 74 in 1910.

Presenter: Art Ray

OCT 22:   Dark Skies Of Autumn, 1780 — Mike Bell

The plot organized by General Benedict Arnold to turn West Point over to British forces nearly succeeded. The twists and turns of this pivotal event in U.S. history are exciting to relive and contemplate.

Presenter: Mike Bell

OCT 29:   A Look Back: Margaret Chase Smith, Senator from Maine — Patrick E. Paradis

This lecture will describe the service of Senator Smith from the U.S. House to the Senate; the challenges she faced and the standard she set for public service.

Presenter: ​Patrick E. Paradis


NOV 5:   Northern Ireland — Elizabeth Reinsborough

PowerPoint program on this small part of the United Kingdom. We will look at the history of the country, the beauty and the geography as well as the people and their traditions. Elizabeth is a native of Northern Ireland.

Presenter: Elizabeth Reinsborough

The Granite Hill Lecture Series is a regular course lasting for 8 weeks that is taught by 8 different instructors and is presented at https://granitehillestates.com/.

Each week the lecture is different and the topics are as varied as possible. Classes meet at Granite Hill Estates, 60 Balsam Drive, Hallowell, ME 04347.