2019 Spring Class

How Much Should I Earmark For Eldercare?

Instructor: Chet Day

Fridays •  3/22-5/10 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Location: Jewett 185

The question was asked and explored by my Fall ’17 Common Sense Investing class. The answers merit a “back to basics” course to deal with the 3rd lifetime, major expense after “house” and “kids’ education.” We will try to understand the amazing phenomenon of compound interest and how it can help us. We will explore and summarize cost data on the three phases of Eldercare: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Care to determine parameterized costs (odds of 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 “less than”) to reduce risk. Finally, the class will consider compiling data on or visiting local providers. Classroom

Class size 3-12 students
12 seats remaining


Chet Day has degrees in math, physics, EE/computer science, and business admin. He retired in 1995 from computer communications research for Bell System. Chet is on the UMASC Arts and Presentations Committee and volunteers for UMASC/UMA College of Arts & Sciences Concert Series. He and Deena have 4 grandchildren.