2020 Spring Semester



How to Make a Poem

Instructor: James P. Breslin

Mondays • 3/16-5/11 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 7-15 students
13 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 289

This is an introductory course to creating poetry. Things like metaphor, simile and other figures of speech will be presented. Poems will be presented for class discussion. Suggestions will be made by fellow classmates and the teacher on how the poem might work better. But if a suggestion is made you can always go back to your own way of sayings things. Pleased note that even more experienced poets would benefit from this class as a review of what they already know and as a stimulus to write more poems and benefit from group suggestions.

James Breslin, a retired Clinical Social Worker, is an active poet with two books of poems to his credit: The Crow and Other Poems, and Hummingbird, New and Collected Poems, Moon Pie Press, Westbook, ME. He has published in the Lyric, Aurorean, The Mother (Ireland), Off the Coast, Pulse, and Stanza; and has won several prizes from the Maine Poets Society. A friend of Ted Bookey’s, James has attended many of his UMASC Poetry and Humor classes.