2020 Fall


Ink a Dink a Bottle of Ink,
the Story of Oak Gall Ink

Instructor: Andrea Ostrofsky

Tuesday • 10/20/20 • 1:00-2:30 PM

Class size 5-24 students
24 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

Oak gall ink was the common ink of the middle ages. It was used by medieval monks, Leonardo da Vinci, and writers of the Declaration of Independence. We’ll consider its interesting ingredients (what is an oak gall, anyway) and the history of its use, focusing on some notable examples. We’ll cover 2000 years, including 21st-century use and issues.Classroom

Andrea Ostrofsky lived in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Nebraska, and in Maine for 38 years.  Her background is in the biological sciences.  She has worked in laboratories studying wood decay fungi for the USDA Forest Service and for the University of Maine.  After moving to Augusta in 2006, Andrea began volunteer work at the Maine State Museum and working in the library at Cony High School for 9 years before retiring. Currently she is enjoying UMA Senior College.