2019 Spring Class

Maine’s Architectural History

Instructor: Dan Mitchell

Wednesdays •  3/20-5/22 • 3:15-5:15 PM

Location: Jewett 295

Learn about 250 years of Maine architecture including typical buildings of our cities and towns. Course will include visual images of local structures and opportunities to experience direct contact with artifacts, architectural prints, periodicals, tools, etc. General discussion will focus on methods of construction, technology and style changes, and the ideas behind them. Our class goal is to make connections between everyday structures and the larger architectural themes that helped shape them. Sharing photos and experiences from your own home is encouraged and can be integrated into class content. Hopefully we will develop an appreciation of the need to advocate for historic preservation. Content will include discussion of restoration, historic preservation, and how to solve common old house issues. Classroom

Class size 8-20 students
15 seats remaining


Dan Mitchell, an enthusiastic advocate for historic restoration, traditional building, and Maine’s culture, has a small restoration carpentry business in Sidney called River Road Restoration. He has done presentations for nearly all local historical societies, and has taught this course for adult education in Waterville and Augusta.