2020 Spring Semester



Manage Your Own Finances …
No Big Deal!

Instructor: Chet Day

Fridays • 3/20-5/8 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Class size 3-16 students
15 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 189

During our lives we face seven major financial challenges:
1) education after high school, 2) cars, 3) a house, 4) educating children/grandchildren, 5) saving for retirement, 6) eldercare costs, and 7) a surplus for heirs/charitable gifts. It’s all about interest rates, the Time Value of Money (TVM), and the legacy of the late Jack Bogle: index funds. We’ll use simple arithmetic to solve these problems quickly and easily using Rule of 72, Felix’s Corollary, and Duane’s Corollary. We’ll check our answers on our HP 10 financial calculators. We’ll explore eldercosts in depth as time permits. Classroom


Chet Day has degrees in math, physics, EE/computer science, and business admin. He retired in 1995 from computer communications research for Bell System. Chet is on the UMASC Arts and Presentations Committee and volunteers for UMASC/UMA College of Arts & Sciences Concert Series. He and Deena have 4 grandchildren.