2023 Fall

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Meditation in Motion

Instructor: Claire Guy

Wednesday • 6 classes • 10/4-11/8 • 1:00 -3:00 PM

Class size 5-14 students
1 seats remaining
Location: Klahr Center Rotunda

Meditation takes on many forms. Who says we have to sit still to listen? The seated lotus position for minutes on end works for some. There is no “one size fits all” anywhere I life.

In this class you will learn slow movements help to bring you to the present moment. Being present is what works. You will also be in motion which helps with joint lubrication, circulation, lymphatic movement. There will also be other discoveries such as breathing for energy, breathing to slow down, breathing for health.

* Students should bring a towel and a yoga mat (or pillow) to sit on.

Claire Guy has been a teacher all her adult life. The desire to assist and guide in a learning environment seems to be in her DNA. It all began as a middle school teacher, progressed to computer teaching for her own company, then on to practicing and teaching massage and reflexology.

When she teaches, Claire wants the participants to participate! Learning wants to be experiential. Personal growth and development continue throughout our lives, so let’s celebrate that!

*Students should bring a towel and a yoga mat (or pillow) to sit on.