Membership: 2020-2021 School Year



You must be a member of a Maine Senior College to take classes in the fall or spring semesters.  There is no additional  per class charge at this time. 

Every year membership expires in June. If you were a member in the summer or fall of 2020, your membership is still valid. If not, please join now.

To select your membership level:

  1. Choose an option from the dropbox below.
  2. Click “ADD TO CART”.
  3. Click the tiny “View cart” that appears

Membership levels vary from $10 to $100.  In lieu of  scholarship grants, UMA Senior College offers a reduced membership fee of $10.00.  Also, in addition to the traditional $25 membership, there are choices for those who can be more generous.

Please note: Membership in another Maine Senior College provides access to classes, but does not include our bi-annual newsletter the, Illuminator, and other mailings.  Indicate your other membership on the checkout page.