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2020 Spring Semester



Mixed Chorus

Instructor: Kathleen Jameson

Tuesdays • 3/18-5/6 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 25-35 students
15 seats remaining
Location: Fine Arts 115

This choral group will sing in four parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, and will include a variety of appealing musical selections. Show music, classical music, sacred and secular choices, and music of many genres will be represented. Music will be chosen to be enjoyable to the participants, and to anyone who might pop by to listen. The aim of this class is to embrace the joy that music brings into our lives, use the instrument that we all were given at birth, and make the most pleasing sounds we are able, while enjoying each other and having fun together. No stress, no pressure, no experience necessary. Pianists who are willing to accompany one or more of the pieces are encouraged to join! Classroom

Kathleen Jameson enjoyed a long career in education, which included twenty-five years of teaching and directing choirs at various age levels. Her high school choirs earned high honors at festivals and competitions, performed extensively in their communities, and were enthusiastically received at Disneyland, Sea World, and Pepperdine University while on tour. Kathleen advanced to hold such positions as Performing Arts Department Chair at Albuquerque Academy and Supervisor of Vocal Music for the Colorado Springs Public Schools. In those positions, she oversaw the work of other choral teachers and hosted large choral festivals. Her most poignant and memorable experience as a teacher was with the Flagstaff High School Choraliers, who sounded to her like a choir of angels. Dr. Jameson holds two degrees from Bucknell University in music and education, as well as a doctorate in educational administration from Northern Arizona University. She hopes to transport Senior College students back to the joy of their singing days, or perhaps into their first ever experience singing with a group.