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2022 Fall

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Modern Jazz by Instrument

Instructor: Frank Johnson

Thursdays • 8 classes • 9/22-11/10 • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Class size 5-25 students
22 seats remaining
Location: Zoom only

This class will examine some of the elite jazz musicians performing today. Each week we will listen to musicians grouped by instrument to demonstrate breath of current jazz and to contrast musicians’ styles.

One week we will focus on bands led by trumpet and baritone sax players. Another week attention will be focused on trombone and alto sax players with another week on bands led by drummers. We will listen to groups led by bassists, vibraphonists, guitarists, multi-reed players and a violinist. There will also be weeks devoted to contemporary big bands, tenor saxophonists, and pianists.

The musicians will include fairly familiar names like members of the Marsalis family, highly-acclaimed veteran musicians (including 16 NEA Jazz Masters), and emerging new talent. Since jazz receives such limited airplay, the idea is to introduce listeners to the wealth of current talent and to encourage students to seek out these musicians who may periodically perform in Maine and New England.

Frank Johnson has a lifelong passion and interest in African-American music: jazz, blues, rhythm & blues, soul, and Afro-Latin. He has a collection of over 4,000 albums covering these genres. In addition, he has a personal library of over 250 books on African-American musical styles, musicians and cultural influences.


COVID REQUIREMENTS:  Masks are required in classrooms, unless waived by the instructor. We recommend carrying a mask at all times while on the campus to use as needed.