2020 Spring Semester



Music Theory II

Instructor: Kathleen Jameson

Tuesdays • 3/17-5/5 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 8-16 students
11 seats remaining
Location: Fine Arts 122

This course will continue where the Music Theory I class ended, and will also welcome those with some musical background who do not need to start at the beginning. In Music Theory I, we used the key of C to practice most of what we learned, using solfege (do-re-mi syllables) so that what we learned about scales, intervals, and chords could later be applied to all of the other keys. In this new course, we will work in many keys, learn to transpose from key to key, harmonize simple melodies, delving more deeply into harmony, musical form, composers, and musical periods. We will do sight-reading, take musical dictation, clap/play rhythms, and listen to musical examples. Classroom

Kathleen Jameson taught vocal and instrumental music in three school districts before becoming Supervisor of Vocal Music in the Colorado Springs Public Schools, and then Chair of the Performing Arts Department at Albuquerque Academy. She founded stringed instrument programs in two districts, directed choirs and orchestras, and taught guitar, piano, and violin. She also performed as a soloist and as a member of the Flagstaff Symphony and other groups over the years. Kathleen plays several instruments, sings, and writes songs. In all things musical, she relied heavily on her knowledge and understanding of music theory. She would like to share that knowledge and understanding with others who want to enhance or expand their understanding of how music works.
Kathleen holds two degrees from Bucknell University, in Music Education and in Education: Instructional Specialist, and a doctorate in educational administration from the Northern Arizona University Center for Excellence in Education.