Music Theory – Unlocking the Code

Instructor: Kathleen Jameson

Tuesdays •  9/17-11/5 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM • 8 classes

Class size 8 to 16 students
2 seats remaining
Location: Fine Arts 122

What if you had to devise a language that included gradations of pitch and of duration –rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality, instrumentation, vocals, and more. Where to begin? If music has always been Greek to you and you would like to understand how it works, this is the course for you! This course will include learning to “read” music, the intervals between tones, types of chords, and what constitutes a scale. We will be writing notes down, deciphering rhythms, and learning about major and minor keys and key signatures. We will learn to identify notes on written music and locate those notes on a keyboard.

We will practice what we learn in various ways:
Writing notes onto score (music) paper.
  Playing notes we see in writing.
  Singing simple progressions of notes on a page.
  Writing little melodies.
  Writing down a progression of notes that have been played aloud (after some practice).
  Clapping rhythms and counting them out.
•  Listening to recordings of music for certain clues and examples.

No musical experience necessary — we will start at the beginning. Classroom

Kathleen Jameson enjoyed a long career as a music educator and administrator. She taught vocal, instrumental, and general music classes in various settings and age groups in public and private schools, and she supervised other music teachers. Kathleen plays several instruments and is a singer/songwriter. Throughout her career she has relied upon her understanding of music theory in each endeavor, whether teaching a music class, directing an orchestra or a choir, or performing herself. As a requirement for her degree in music education, she took Music Theory I, II, III, and IV. Kathie has met countless individuals over the years who have lamented the fact that they never learned how to read music; those individuals were the inspiration for offering this course.