2020 Fall


Nova Scotia:
Our Almost Neighbor (2 sessions)

Instructor: Elizabeth Reinsborough

9/29/20-Tuesday 1:00-2:30 PM • and • 10/1/20-Thursday 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Class size 5-24 students
24 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

Nova Scotia contains two National Parks, five World Heritage Sites, beautiful Cape Breton Island, and the vibrant capital of Halifax. Come explore the geography and history of this Canadian maritime province .Classroom

Elizabeth Reinsborough was born in Northern Ireland. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Queens University, Belfast, a Masters of Science from London University and teaching credentials from the University of Maine. She has worked in a plant breeding program in Tanzania and taught Biology in Maine for 20 years. Elizabeth has traveled extensively both in this country and abroad. She enjoys hiking and for 20 years was a maintainer on the Appalachian Trail in the 100 mile wilderness. She teaches the National Park course for Senior College and often contributes to the lecture series.