2020 Fall



Origins of Human Evolution 2

Instructor: Bill Portela

Thursdays • 8 classes – 9/24-11/12 • 3:00 PM

Class size 5-24 students
19 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

Some courses in biology and evolution invite each learner to investigate the varied forms of life found in every nook, pond, forest, or African savanna. But uncommon indeed is the course beckoning each reader to discover who they are and where they came from. Rarer still is for a classroom experience to kindle insight into the behaviors, emotions, and potential horizons for our most human of species. Origins of Human Evolution, is a narrative, interactive experience using dynamic, informative biological stories woven into a stirring, chronological journal of life on Earth.Classroom

For the fall semester UMASC is offering three courses which have in common interest and concern with life on earth.  Bill Portola’s course “Origins of Human Evolution 2” will deal with the theme of how life came to be and how the environment shaped the course of evolution.  Richard Fortier’s course “Planet of the Humans: The Impact of Humanity on Planet Earth” will have to do with Earth history, the evolution of life and the threat to biodiversity by human-caused habitat degradation and climate change.  Chuck Acker’s course “Going Green In the Anthropocene” will emphasize what society has to do through cultural, political and technological developments to mitigate the effects of climate change.  Students are invited to enroll in all three courses as an integrated package or choose the ones dealing with their particular concern.

Bill Portela has taught at every learning level in Maine, from elementary to university. He has been a volunteer teacher at the alternative, Evergreen Sudbury school in Hallowell. For the last 6 years he has been working on a book on evolution, which forms the basis of this class.